Apuseni mountains
Hyperion Media Films to Transform and Inspire


Oana R. Ghiocel Founder and Managing Director of Hyperion Media

Exploring cave

On location

DR. DAN GHIOCEL- Founder of Hyperion Media and Ghiocel Predictive Technologies

Hyperion Team: Oana Ghiocel, Dr. Robert Schoch and Cristian Lascu

VIKTOR DEAK- Paleo Artist specialized in reconstructions of early hominids

DRAGOS LUMPAN- Cinematographer and Photographer (published in National Geographic Romania Magazine)

Hyperion Team: Oana Ghiocel, Dr. Robert Schoch, Cristian Lascu, Nucu Trica

Hyperion Team in action

 The role of Hyperion Media is to produce films and other media that lead to a more profound understanding of the world and each other, implemented in society to create positive change. 

Today we are split between an executive team who handles research, business and the general vision of the projects, and a production/ post production team in two continents, US and Europe. We currently hold main offices in US and Romania.

OANA R. GHIOCEL is the managing director and founder of Hyperion Media Inc. Oana was born in Bucharest, Romania and moved to the US at the age of 14 with her family. Since she a child she had a deep passion for the arts in painting, writing, poetry and psychology and the natural environment. She grew up partly in the city, and partly in a mountaineous area of Romania, loving to hike the wilderness of the forest and mountains for inspiration and mental power. This formative period was behind her development as a human being, who realized a vital connection between humans and the natural surroundings. Moving to the US was an important step in Oana's development, as she was exposed to a diverse people from different cultures, opening her mind for new discoveries and challanges. During high school she received much praise for her artwork (her paintings), as at this stage in her life she was very interested to pursue a career in the fine arts. At 19 she entered The Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue a degree in Media/ Visual Arts, and chose a career path in film (Feature screenwriting and producing), as she felt that film is  the most powerful form of art as it really comprises all the other art formsm being the only art form able to really have a global impact. Oana also pursued as a degree Cultural Anthropology as this was a big fascination and interest of her and wanted to apply it to the films she envisioned to develop. During these years she fell in love with the work of master poets, shamans and directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Pasolini, etc. During this time she got involved in the community and worked at ITVS, a television station for the hearing impaired (the only one in the United States dedicated for the hearing impaired- both employees as well as TV content were targeted for the hearing impaired.)  Later on, Oana went on to receive a Master degree in Visual Arts Feature Documentary Film Production with a specialty in Visual Anthropology from Emerson College in Boston (one of the best higher degree institutions in the United States dedicated to the pursuit of the arts.  Here she was exposed to ethnographic filmmaking with an emphasis on the filmmaker as activist and leader. She engaged in ethnographic filmmaking and admired the work of filmmakers ethnographers as Robert Gardner, Jean Rouch, Robert Flaherty, etc. She spent time at Harvard Film Society and Film Archive, the Brattle Theatre, Coolidge Corner Theatre and got involved with ethnographic and experimental film at Harvard Film Center, the Balagan Film Series, etc.

Deeply in love with documentaries that have an important social message and speak also on preservation, Oana envisioned the creation of a small passionate business where she will be able to develop and produce such media: with subjects close to her heart on the most poignant issues we have today in society: finding connection with the past as we move forward in the future, re-connecting to our  deeepest roots, being responsible about how we implement globally and preserve the values (both physical and spiritual) of each culture and society. She is a member of the Royal Geographical Society,  the American Ethnological Society, American Alpine Club, NPPA and many others. 
Oana has now returned to spend most of her energies and efforts in Romania, as she feels here it's very important work to be done, and she feels her duty to pursue issues very close to her heart. 

viktor deak