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The Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx

The feature documentary explores an unknown site inside Eastern Europe, that of a strange and enigmatic rock formation found on top of an 8000 feet massif in the wild Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

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Filmmaker Oana Ghiocel and Dr. Robert M. Schoch

Neanderthal presence during the Ice Age in the Carpathian Mountains

Sacred Carpathia Directorial & Scientific Statements

"Brings fascinating new conclusions to the debate regarding our human origins on the planet Earth. Highly recommended viewing for everyone interested in the mystery of life in the Universe. " 
--Tim Crawford, Founder and President, UFOTV®

"A marvelous production!  – most enlightening and informative!" --David S Percy, film producer for BBC, author of Aulis Publishers

"A visual delight..." --Charles Mapleston, BBC producer, Founder and CEO, Malakite Ltd

"Wonderful... very thought-provoking film" --Bill Cote, Emmy winning producer for Mystery of the Sphinx, producer of Mysterious Origins of Man series

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Website: The Mystery Of Sphinx
Genre: feature documentary 
Subject area: Ancient Mystery-History- Science
Target audience: general audience
Full HD      Run Time: 94 min,
Produced and directed by Oana R. Ghiocel
Scientific Illustrations: Viktor Deak (New York, US) and Daynes atelier (Paris, FR)
Sound design supervisor: Brian Carey
Music: Dahlman and Mike Mayo, Grigore Lese
Similar films: Mystery of the Sphinx (Dr. Robert Schoch), Quest for a Lost Civilization (Graham Hancock)

Very special thanks for the people who have supported us and to our donors and investors: without you none of this work would be possible, so we are very grateful for your involvement and your help.

Special thanks to Jeremy Schmahmann (MD, Harvard Medical School) for sharing valuable research information with us. 

This film is dedicated to lovers of nature and mountains everywhere who believe the answers to the most fundamental questions of existence lie in the spiritual world of wilderness and inside their own hearts. 

"In the human unconscious there is an extremely powerful force that acts on an individual keeping him from seeing with clarity the obvious symptoms of his next death. Only in the last moments, are the eyes of the soul opened and man understands his situation and accepts it. The landslide of all the empires and all the human institutions is evident as soon as one studies the past. Why do we believe in a progress without end? Everything dies around us."

This original feature documentary features multi- year on site research in the wild Carpathian Mountains by American world -renowned geologist Dr. Robert M. Schoch whose ground-breaking work has appeared on BBC, National Geographic Channel, Discovery and History channel. It also features the little-known theories of British psychologist Stan Gooch. Incredibly controversial within the academic communities up to the present day, for his 'avangarde' theories related to the human brain structure and deep past (especially Neanderthal man culture) Stan Gooch has died in total poverty in a low income community in Swansea, UK. He was once offered the Directorship of the National Children's Bureau in London or a prestigious position as a professor of psychology at Brunel University, But he gave it all up because he wanted to "do my own thing" meaning writing his own books and doing his own research. Gooch's most important ideas have since the 1970s been validated. He predicted European Neandertal man was fair skinned and red headed. He predicted Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal had interbred, at a time when to even imagine such a possibilty meant career suicide. He predicted that the interbreeding had gave modern humans a physical and mental boost such as better immunity and ability to fight diseases which was crucial in population growth. Gooch also predicted Neanderthal had speech and his own language, which has been in the last few years proven correct. 

"There is no doubt that this (Bucegi Mountains with the Sphinx site) was a cultural nucleus during the last Ice Age, tens of thousands of years ago."
Dr. Robert M. Schoch

The film ends with a message for the viewer which we also post here:
"No matter how the planets move across the sky, there will always be an indefinite number of extinctions. Smart creatures will dissapear forever into the abyss of time. But there will always be a preservation of memory encoded in our genes, a great secret, a great mystery that the intuitive mind can uncover. A great truth about our spiritual dimension."  Oana R. Ghiocel

Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx film

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