Apuseni mountains
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The Last Eve

The feature ethnographic documentary captures vividly the life of the last "Eve" of Romania: the last women of the true natural world as they disappear forever from our eyes.

Portrait of Maria Burcu

Maria and her cow Murga

Trascau Mountains 'Eve' in evening time

photo by Dragos Lumpan

Genre: Ethnographic Documentary
Target audience: Adult and young adult market

Produced and directed  by: Oana R. Ghiocel
Development video material shot by: Dragos Lumpan/ Nicolae Trica
Documentation Photography by Alex Gavan/ Dragos Lumpan
Head of Research: Oana Ghiocel

Phase: Development

A feature ethnographic documentary in development about the lives and hardships of three Romanian old women from mountaneous rural areas. The three women live alone and manage for themselves in isolation.  

We are attempting to capture on film the last Eve: the last woman of the natural world before she disappears. These are the last years to be able to do so. Capturing these women has immense added value for humanity: preserving their ways of life, thoughts, traditions before they go extinct, leaving only us to be confronted with distant memories of edenic beauties. 
For Romanian values, this work is especially of great impact since the women chosen to be studied and portrayed in the documentary are from rural, untouched, wild Romania.
The women still have what is at the core of the real Romania: peaceful communion with nature.