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The Bear Cult

An investigation into the relationship between humans and bears from prehistoric times up to the current situation, with a special focus on Carpathian Mountains' caves, bears and still alive traditions.

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Cold Cave bear skull arrangement

discussion with American geologist Dr. Robert Schoch and Romanian geologist Cristian Lascu

The Bear Cult Director's Statement PDF

The Bear Cult is dedicated to the bears across the globe currently threatened by extinction and for those citizens who love wilderness and take a proactive role for its protection.

Website: http://bearcultmovie.com
Genre: Feature Documentary
Subject area: History- Nature- Science
Target audience: educational market/ NGOs
Full HD  Running Time: 60 min
Produced and directed by Oana R. Ghiocel
Original Illustrations by paleo- artist Viktor Deak (New York)
and Stefan Auf der Maur (Zurich)

Broadcast and special edition DVD release 2015/ 2016.

Very special thanks for the people who have supported us and to our donors and investors: without you none of this work would be possible, so we are very grateful for your involvement and your help.

"The Bear Cult" is a feature documentary exploring the relationship between humans and bears from prehistoric times, when Neanderthal man hunted and venerated cave bears, and up to the current situation in Europe/ Carpathia, with a special focus on the bears of the Carpathian Mountains, both alive and extinct, and the remaining bear traditions and folklore. The bear, the film shows, is the true treasure of the forests, and so much more. An ancient enigma in the Carpathian Mountains of old Europe provides food for thought, and perhaps a new understanding.