Apuseni mountains
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The Altar Caves of Wild Carpathia

a special path modern humans can take to connect deeper, more profoundly to what it means to be fully human.

Hall of Prehistoric Footprints in the Wonderful Cave, Carpathian Mts

Oana exploring the Wonderful cave galleries

deep inside Bats Cave: the enthralling power of natural light

Genre: feature Documentary
Subject area: History- Nature- Science
Target audience: general audience

Produced and directed by: Oana R. Ghiocel
Preliminary material shot by: Nicolae Trica, Dragos Lumpan

Technical/ artistic lighting expertise in cave situations: Cristian Lascu 
Guidance and organizational logistics: Cristian Lascu
Head of Research: Oana Ghiocel

Similar films: Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Werner Herzog)

Phase: development, pre-production

Very special thanks for the people who have supported us: without you none of this work would be possible, so we are very grateful for your involvement and your help.

A feature documentary in development, aimed to be fully completed by end of 2016 including some of the most spectacular caves in Romania, the altars and cathedrals of the Stone Age. Aiming to reflect upon the legacy of the cave, the film delves deep and offers a rich exploration of the natural beauties, aiming to establish the broken link between man and spirituality, between man and the darkness of cave where the first human consciousness was born.  

Using only natural equipment, such as torches and candles, and dressing in prehistoric attire for the filmmaking expeditions in winter time to inside the caves, the documentary re-creates for the modern heart, eyes and sensibility a lost world of considerate beauty and depth.
The film poses challenging existential questions, and sheds new light to what it truly means to be fully human in the broader sense of the word. Perhaps the cave is a necessary and vital 'organ' in our consciousness that we in the last centuries almost completely lost touch.
The last altar of the cave captures a vivid path of tragedy and hope we humans have the privilege to take to connect  to a deeper, more profound, more intense world of the spirit.
A surprising path and a surprising film that aims to cross the lines into heartfelt and authentic discoveries.

Preliminary raw material (Stunning Prosec Canyon)

The Portal to a lost altar cave: Topolnita's majestic entrance (raw footage)

Entrance to a sacred cave where funerary rites took place, raw footage