Apuseni mountains
Hyperion Media Films to Transform and Inspire

The Bear Cult

An investigation into the relationship between humans and bears from prehistoric times up to the current situation, with a special focus on Carpathian Mountains' caves, bears and still alive traditions.

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Immigrants Under Earth

the dramatic story of the Romanian explorers who during the Communist "Golden Epoch" of Nicolae Ceausescu defied the political regime by escaping into an unsuspected free world-- beyond their wildest dreams.

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The Last Eve

The feature ethnographic documentary captures vividly the life of the last "Eve" of Romania: the last women of the true natural world as they disappear forever from our eyes.

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The Altar Caves of Wild Carpathia

a special path modern humans can take to connect deeper, more profoundly to what it means to be fully human.

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The Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx

The feature documentary explores an unknown site inside Eastern Europe, that of a strange and enigmatic rock formation found on top of an 8000 feet massif in the wild Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

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