Apuseni mountains
Hyperion Media Films to Transform and Inspire

Our Mission

MAIN MISSION of Hyperion Media is to open paths of significant discovery (financing research on what we consider vital issues, leading expeditions and explorations to achieve our mission's goals, producing films and other media platforms) that ultimately lead to a deeper and more profound understanding of the world and each other.

OUR VISION is to create feature films that produce change on a large scale, inspire action and contribute to setting higher standards in the global society. The company seeks to develop and stimulate active working relationships with non-profit organizations and museums for greater impact and raise public awareness. 

"Of Hyperion we are told that he was the first to understand, by diligent attention and observation, the movement of both the sun and the moon and the other stars, and the seasons as well, and to make these facts known to others." Diodorus Siculus